Together, let’s set higher standards for conference diversity + representation

As event sponsors, attendees, and speakers, we have the power and influence to create a more diverse and representative future.

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The Choir PledgeTM provides a public set of guidelines to quickly assess whether a conference demonstrates a baseline commitment to representation. We think of the metrics here as a starting point and encourage conferences to exceed these minimums.


What’s the difference between the Choir Pledge and the Choir Certification?

The Choir Pledge

Sets baseline
speaker representation
and safety standards.

  • Conference Speaker Representation


White Men


Women &
People of Color

The Choir Certification

The “Gold Standard” is for conference stages to include the voices of women and people of color in proportion to their representation
in the U.S. population.

  • U.S.


White Men


White Women


Men of Color


Women of Color

How the Seals Stack Up

Percentages below indicate the visibility of women and people of color. The Gold Standard is for conference stages to feature approximately 66-70% women and speakers of color, similar to the U.S. population. Featuring women and people of color at this rate translates to a Choir Score of 95-100.

  • 0%

27%-38% Conference Pledge Baseline

  • 0%

39%-50% Bronze

  • 0%

51%-65% Silver

  • 0%

66%-70% Gold

Pledge Signatories:


Look for the Choir Certification on any conference website to identify the conferences already leading the way in advancing representation on stage.

Join the Ranks of Choir Certified™ Conferences

These conferences met Choir's rigorous Certification standards at their last event.

Inaugural Events Doing the Work

New conferences working with Choir to meet their representation goals.