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This one's for you: journalists, conference planners, and corporate marketers.

Looking to expand your network of sources and speakers? Voices connects you with hundreds of qualified financial experts– all people of color, women, and/or non-binary people.

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Voices How it Works

Voices Search is in beta until early 2023 and is being offered at a discounted rate. Contact us to learn more about special offerings.



  • Unlimited speaker searches
  • All-team search access
  • Contact speakers directly
  • 1-on-1 Choir Support

*Discounts for Choir Certified Conferences


Journalists & Media

  • Unlimited searches for expert sources
  • Pre-verified for authenticity
  • Personal sign-on
  • Direct access to contact sources


Corporate Marketing

  • Unlimited searches for webinar, podcast, whitepaper sources and more
  • All-team search access
  • Contact experts directly
  • 1-on-1 Choir Support


FAQ for Voices Search:

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