Choir Certified™  Events

Choir Certification™ is a metrics driven, diversity certification for events & conferences. 


To earn Choir Certification™, events must include and highlight the voices of people of color, women, and non-binary experts at a rate exceeding the industry status quo, and meet rigorous standards for event safety and inclusion.

2024 Events Pending Choir Certification™


Events showing Choir's Certification Pending Seal have met representation standards on the preliminary agenda and have committed to creating an event that is diverse, inclusive, and safe, and are working toward Choir Certification™.

Pending seals

Choir Certified™ Events


The conferences below reached Choir's rigorous standards for speaker diversity and visibility, and as a result, earned Choir Certification.


2024 Certified Events

2023 Certified Events

2022 Certified Events

2021 Certified Events