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The support, tools, and speakers you need to design inclusive events with progress you can benchmark.


In addition to Choir's signature Event Diversity Certification, Choir partners with event planners to offer custom support, planning tools, speaker intros, and metrics-driven reporting for designing inclusive events with broad representation on stage.


Choose just the modules you
need, or bundle them to save.

Analysis & Certification

For events that want 3rd party agenda analysis and those that seek to earn Choir's signature Diversity Certification.

Support & Tools

For events that want hands-on
help with their unique challenges increasing representation on stage & events working toward Choir Certification for the first time.

Diverse Speaker Search

For event planners looking for new-to-you subject matter experts and speakers.

DEl Reporting & Advanced Analytics

For event planning teams that want bespoke recommendations to improve year-over-year, and metrics-driven reporting to share with DEI and management teams.

Event Promo & Marketing

For events that want to reach Choir's audience of diverse professionals and companies that don't have an internal communications department.

Analysis & Certification

Benchmark your DEl progress and attract attendees who value representation on stage.


Get your Choir Score to
know where you lead, and
where you lag


Reach a Choir Score of 60
or above and qualify for
Choir Certification


Receive a beautiful diversity
report - ready to share with
your executive team

What else is included?

  • Choir's proprietary diversity & representation analysis
  • Data framed to complement corporate DEI goals
  • Representation & Visibility Report with insight & analytics about your event
  • Official Choir Score™ of event
  • Certification announcement in Choir Newsletter*
  • Choir Certification™ Event Diversity Seal for marketing*

*Certified Events Only

Pricing is based on event size and starts at:

  • Small event: $950
  • Conferences: $3950

Increase your chances of reaching Certification by working with Choir in the planning stage.

Pre-event services include:

  • Estimated Choir Score™
  • Pending Choir Certification™ Seal**
  • Listing on Choir's website**
  • Alerts about possible disqualifying agenda

**Pending Certified Events Only

Planning Support & Tools

Leverage Choir’s inclusive planning tools and tackle persistent DEI challenges with 1-on-1 support.


Keep an eye on your speaker lineup with a Speaker Diversity Tracker


Stay on track with Choir’s interactive dashboard with estimated scores


Get on-demand support when problems arise


Leverage tools to talk to sponsors & stakeholders about diversity

What else is included?

  • See how agenda changes impact your data with updated visibility analytics as you plan
  • 2 agenda review and brainstorming meetings
  • 2 estimated Choir Scores during event planning
  • Custom planning dashboard includes:
    • Sponsor & stakeholder engagement tools
    • Personalized video for stakeholder engagement
    • Safety and Inclusion best practices
    • Anti-harassment policy templates
    • Guidance & wording for collecting participant

Pricing is based on event size and starts at:

  • Small event: N/A
  • Conferences: $3950

DEI Reporting & Advanced Analytics

Data-driven, customized insights centered around diversity and representation.


Get insight from advanced diversity analytics


Share event diversity analytics with your executive & DEI teams


Benefit from evidence-based consulting unique to your specific event


Measure growth with year-over-year comparison capabilities

What else is included?

  • Full analysis of event agenda using Choir’s proprietary diversity & representation algorithm
  • Beautiful and easy-to-read Advanced Representation & Visibility Report - great for sharing event findings  and analytics with colleagues and executives
  • Data framed to complement existing corporate DEI goals
  • Actionable suggestions to increase diversity year over year
  • Visibility and demographic analytics segmented by “Speaker Type,” such as Keynote, Sponsor, Outside Speakers
  • Clear and fun (yes, fun!) interactive data visualizations to see your progress

Pricing is based on event size and starts at:

  • Small event: N/A
  • Conferences: $2950

Event Promo & Marketing

Stand out from other events and attract attendees who value representation on stage

*Services for Choir Certified or Pending Choir Certified events only


Boost marketing around your well-earned Choir Certification Seal


Get listed on Choir’s website alongside other Certified conferences & events


Let Choir promote your event across our newsletter and social networks


Get turnkey marketing assets & promote your Choir Certification

What else is included?

  • Choir spreads the word about your conference to our audience through our social channels and email newsletter.
  • Custom Certification social graphics and accompanying copy for social media use.
  • Press release template
  • Certification announcement in Choir Newsletter
  • Choir Certification™ Seal for your marketing


  • $1950

Get more value for the same price. These additions are free for events working with Choir in the planning stage:

  • Custom Pending Certification social graphics and accompanying copy for social media use
  • Pending Choir Certification™ Seal
  • Listing on pending events section of Choir’s website

Choir Certification™
Progress you can benchmark.

The Choir Certification™ indicates an event includes and highlights the voices of people of color, women, and non-binary speakers.

Join the Ranks

Why Get Certified?

Make your conference stand out in a competitive event landscape.

Attract attendees who value representation on stage.

Complement existing corporate DEI frameworks with event-specific tools & data.

Mitigate the reputational risk of being "called out" for lack of diversity.

Measure your goals with data and see progress year over year.

Not ready to work with Choir, but still want to increase diversity on stage?

Check out our State of the Stage for best practices and ideas.

Voices from our Community

As a woman of color, it’s essential that a conference agenda reflects the diversity of experience and perspective that I see day to day. This diversity, or lack thereof, is a major deciding factor for where I spend my time and money. In an industry with so many conferences to choose from, I am unwilling to participate in events that do not feel that the organizers have made any attempt to prioritize inclusivity.

Anna N'Jie-Konte

Founder & CEO

Dare to Dream Planning

Seeing homogenous conference line-ups in the past has stopped me from attending many financial industry events. What the line-up tells me is that I don’t belong and clients who look like me don’t belong. While this may seem innocent, these white, male panels are perpetuating the wealth gap in America by deciding who is worth listening to. I want to spend my time at events that value the perspectives of women, and especially women of color.

Valerie Rivera, CFP®

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