Choir for Conferences

The support, tools, and speakers you need to design inclusive events with progress you can benchmark.


Guided Support & Tools For Representation on Stage


1:1 Support

Agenda planning support for your team through 1:1 consults, fresh ideas, and brainstorm sessions. Help navigating representation or inclusion challenges as they arise.


Measure Progress

Measure progress in real time with estimated Choir Scores and  you'll know where you stand on representation before your event.


Reporting & Data

Reporting you can share with executives, data for your DEI metrics, suggestions to increase diversity year over year, and analytics to know what's working.


Speaker Intros

Expand your network with custom speaker introductions and access to Voices Search, Choir's robust, searchable diverse speaker roster.

Custom Dashboard With The Tools You Need

Conferences that work with Choir receive a custom dashboard that includes:

  • Up to data diversity & visibility analytics as you plan
  • Speaker diversity tracker
  • Resources for sponsor and stakeholder engagement
  • Safety and inclusion best practices
  • Inclusive planning calendar

Choir Conference Diversity Certification™
Progress you can benchmark.

The Choir Certification™ indicates a conference includes and highlights the voices of people of color, women, and non-binary speakers.

The Choir Score™ measures both who is speaking and the visibility of each speaking role.


Make your conference
stand out
in a competitive event landscape.

Go beyond promises of diversity to measure your goals with data, and see progress year over year.

Attract attendees who value representation
on stage.

Quickly expand your network with access to our diverse speaker database.

Complement existing corporate DEI frameworks with event-specific
tools & data

Mitigate the reputational risk of being "called out" online for lack of diversity on stage.

Join the Ranks of Choir Certified Conferences

See which companies are Doing the Work with Choir to prioritize
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at their events.

Pricing & Packages

Choir Score

Put your most recent event through Choir's proprietary speaker diversity and visibility assessment

Standard Package

The support & tools you need to increase representation on stage at your next event

Premium Package

Standard Package tools and support, plus score your previous event and raise your score this year

Extra Support

Premium package tools, white-glove support, and special perks for busy conference planners

Event StatusCompletedPlanning NowPlanning NowPlanning Now
Choir Score™ & Detailed Diversity Reporting
Choir Badge (if eligible)Eligible for Prior EventsEligible for Upcoming EventEligible for Prior & Upcoming EventsEligible for Prior & Upcoming Events
Choir Promotion & MarketingCertified Events Eligible:
Website Listing,
Newsletter Announcement
2 Newsletter Promotions

Certified Events Eligible:
Website Listing,
Newsletter Announcement
2 Newsletter Promotions

Certified Events Eligible:
Website Listing,
Newsletter Announcement
2 Newsletter Promotions

Certified Events Eligible:
Website Listing,
Newsletter Announcement,
Press Release Templates
1:1 Support & Agenda Planning3 Support Meetings

Ad Hoc Email & Phone Support
3 Support Meetings

Ad Hoc Email & Phone Support
Un-Boring Your Agenda Workshop

3 Support Meetings,

Ad Hoc Email & Phone Support
Representation Planning Tools & Resources
Estimated Scores (Pre-Event)Add on for $1,295
Find Speakers with Voices SearchAdd on for $2,500 per quarter
Post-Conference Retrospective Meeting
Personalized Video for Sponsor Engagement
Custom Speaker Search & Introductions


*up to 150 speakers

Starting at


Starting at



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Voices from our Community

As a woman of color, it’s essential that a conference agenda reflects the diversity of experience and perspective that I see day to day. This diversity, or lack thereof, is a major deciding factor for where I spend my time and money. In an industry with so many conferences to choose from, I am unwilling to participate in events that do not feel that the organizers have made any attempt to prioritize inclusivity.

Anna N'Jie-Konte

Founder & CEO

Dare to Dream Planning

Seeing homogenous conference line-ups in the past has stopped me from attending many financial industry events. What the line-up tells me is that I don’t belong and clients who look like me don’t belong. While this may seem innocent, these white, male panels are perpetuating the wealth gap in America by deciding who is worth listening to. I want to spend my time at events that value the perspectives of women, and especially women of color.

Valerie Rivera, CFP®

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