March 16, 2023


A Note About Choir's Voices™ Search Platform

A free tool for journalists.


This week, we were notified that incorrect information was shared with business and media professionals about Choir’s business model – specifically, about Voices™, our platform which connects people of color, women, and non-binary professionals with journalists and conference organizers. 

Choir would like to clarify this misinformation. 


  • Voices Search is free for journalists.
  • Choir does not now, nor has it ever, charged journalists for access to Voices Search
  • Choir does not operate under a “pay-to-play” model (ie. exchanging money for media exposure).



Transparency around how Choir makes money is important to us which is why we list pricing for each of our offerings clearly on our website.

In that same spirit of transparency, here is the history behind how Choir came to offer free access for journalists to use Voices Search: In the early days of building Voices, we collected feedback from reporters who were kind enough to test out the platform. Based on that feedback, we created a version of the platform - unique to journalists - where they can search and contact only those professionals who have indicated their interest in media opportunities.

This model, available at no cost to journalists, was developed to eliminate any cause for concern about potential violations of journalistic ethics – in turn, encouraging writers at all news publications to expand their source networks to include more people of color, women and non-binary professionals. Voices Search launched in beta last year, with free access for journalists. 

This year (soon!) Voices will move out of beta with an expanded offering. And yes, it will continue to be free for journalists.



Choir wholeheartedly respects the art of journalism and the critical role it plays in the greater business ecosystem. We are proud that our Voices platform provides a straightforward way for journalists to find quality sources who can bring diverse and untold perspectives to their stories.

👋And to all of the journalists out there who are equally committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their storytelling:

May we suggest our free resource?


Your Friends,

Sonya Dreizler & Liv Gagnon, co-founders