Finally, a common standard for conference diversity.

Stay relevant, reach more people, and publicize your conference’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion with the Choir Certification™

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How does it work?


Why Should Your Event Become Choir Certified?


Make your conference stand out in an increasingly competitive event landscape with objective, third-party validation


Benchmark your diversity goals year over year


Attract new attendees, speakers, and sponsors who value your public commitment to diversity on stage


Mitigate the reputational risk associated with being “called out” for lack of diversity


Complement your existing corporate DEI framework with event-specific tools and guidance

This is one of the most impactful initiatives that anyone has done for our profession.

Eric S. Toya, CFP®

Partner/Director of Wealth Management

Navigoe, LLC

Join the Ranks of Choir Certified™ Conferences


These 2021 and 2022 conferences reached Choir's rigorous standards for speaker diversity and visibility at their most recent event and earned Choir Certification. Conferences are assessed after the event concludes.

Doing The Work

These conferences are working with Choir right now to bring increased representation to the stage at their next event. Conferences are assessed for possible Certification after the event concludes.

As a woman of color, it’s essential that a conference agenda reflects the diversity of experience and perspective that I see day to day. This diversity, or lack thereof, is a major deciding factor for where I spend my time and money. In an industry with so many conferences to choose from, I am unwilling to participate in events that do not feel that the organizers have made any attempt to prioritize inclusivity.

Anna N'Jie-Konte

Founder & CEO

Dare to Dream Planning

Seeing homogenous conference line-ups in the past has stopped me from attending many financial industry events. What the line-up tells me is that I don’t belong and clients who look like me don’t belong. While this may seem innocent, these white, male panels are perpetuating the wealth gap in America by deciding who is worth listening to. I want to spend my time at events that value the perspectives of women, and especially women of color.

Valerie Rivera, CFP®

I’m so excited to have this platform! Conferences are a place for me to connect with my peers and the speakers need to be more diverse. Period – not just sometimes, or on certain topics. Diverse experiences and ideas open us up to greater understanding and we become better people from the inside out. This is an important step in creating equity in the financial services industry.

Laura LaTourette, CFP ®

LPL Registered Principal

Family Wealth Management Group